President Grant's Landau
Adopted by: Kenneth Shanks

Marquis de Lafayette's Barouche
Adopted by: Debra & William Panzica

1893 Columbian Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones

President Lincoln's Barouche
Adopted by: Dan and Doris Weninger

1876 Centennial Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones


1919 Big Six

1919 Big Six
Adopted by: Kenneth Edgar Shanks

1924 Light Six
Adopted by: Kent Haberle and Carol Moore

1947 Champion Deluxe Station Wagon
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

1932 President Convertible Roadster
Adopted by: Tri-State Chapter SDC

1957 Golden Hawk 400
Adopted by: Walt and Kristy Botich

1966 Cruiser
Adopted by: Hamilton Chapter SDC

1934 Bendix "SWC"
Adopted by: Susie and Edward Levy in Honor of the Vic Freeman & Eli Spicer

President St. Regis

1932 President St. Regis Brougham
Adopted by: Shane & Jessica Stopczynski

1956 Packard Predictor
Adopted by: Missouri/Illinois Gateway Chapter SDC

1964 Daytona Hardtop
Adopted by: Iowa Hawkeye Chapter SDC

Fire Truck

1928 Fire Truck 
Adopted by: The Eck Family In Honor of Michiana First Responders and their Dispatchers


1949 2R5

1949 2R5 Pickup Truck
Adopted by: Studebaker Glass & Rubber

1927 President Limousine
Adopted by: John & Judy Farrell

1927 Commander

1927 Commander
Adopted by: Adam Soshnick

1954 Commander Starlight (Bob Bourke's Car)
Adopted by: Indy Chapter SDC

1920 Farm Wagon

1920 Farm Wagon
Adopted by: Sagebrush Chapter SDC

Conestoga Wagon

c. 1835 Conestoga Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones

1936 Ace Cab-Over Truck
Adopted by: Atlantic Canada Chapter

1958 Packard Hawk, AAC

1958 Packard Hawk
Adopted by: The Pasquale Family in Memory of Matthew J. Pasquale

1928 Commander Roadster

1928 Commander Roadster
Adopted in Memory of Ed Filer 1929-2018 

1950 Commander Starlight Coupe
Adopted by: North Georgia Chapter SDC in Memory of Tom Elliott, Jim Carto, and Ray Phillips

1964 Pursuit Marshal
Adopted by: Heart of Ohio Chapter SDC

1956 Golden Hawk

1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk
Adopted by: Shane and Jessica Stopczynski

1937 President Chassis and Body Drop
Adopted by: The Antique Studebaker Club

1963 Cab-Forward Truck Prototype
Adopted by: Studebaker Truck Farmers

1922 Children's Hearse
Adopted by: Ali & Dan Carmignani and Charlie & Mimi Panzica

1963 "Ron Hall" Avanti
Adopted by: Canadian Avanti Owners Association

1963 Avanti #9

1963 Avanti #9
Adopted by: Chicagoland Avanti Owners Association

1950 Champion Convertible
Adopted by: Indy Chapter SDC

1917 Series 18 Touring Car
Adopted by: Southern California ASC

1909 Backward Forward

1909 Backward-Forward Car "Peg"
Adopted by: Ohio Region Studebaker Drivers Club

1963 Avanti
Adopted by: Avanti Club of Florida

1957 Astral

1957 Astral
Adopted by: Kenneth Shanks


1959 Lark Rear-Engine Prototype
Adopted by: Dennis Kryder

1920 Light Six
Adopted by: Bob and Cari Palma

Studebaker Six

1932 Studebaker Six
Adopted by: David Michael George

1857 Studebaker Phaeton
Adopted by: Donna Chenoweth

1962 Fastback Prototype
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

1905 Sleigh
Adopted by: Josh Aerie and Melissa Berke

1919 Izzer Buggy
Adopted by: Western Lake Erie Chapter

1963 Zip Van
Adopted by: South Georgia Chapter SDC

1961 Champ
Adopted by: John and Marilyn Kircher


1943 Weasel
Adopted by: Big Six River Bend Chapter

1956 President Classic
Adopted by: Terry & Rebecca Grube

1913 Model 25 Touring
Adopted by: Western Lake Erie Chapter

1950 Champion Convertible
Adopted by: Jim King

1925 Big Six Duplex Phaeton
Adopted by: Nyal & Pat Weaver

1992 M825

1982 M825 Jeep
Adopted by: Dale Chenoweth

1962 Lark Daytona

1962 Lark Daytona Hardtop
Adopted by: Brian C. Thomas, Renton, WA

1900 Bobsled
Adopted by: Nick's Electric Granger, In. 574.532.0280

1961 Hawk
Adopted in Loving Memory of Grandpa Ron Hickman 1940-2017

1962 Sceptre Prototype
Adopted by: Charles and Susan Edmonson

Flight Hawk

1956 Flight Hawk
Adopted by: Ocean Bay Chapter of the SDC

1940 Champion
Adopted by: Robert and Marcia Ebert

1903 Spring Delivery Wagon
Adopted by: Studebaker National Foundation

1937 Dictator
Adopted by: John & Marilyn Kircher

 The Muppet Car (1951 Commander)
Adopted by: Heart of America Chapter SDC

1952 Commander Starliner Hardtop
Adopted by: Faye & Verde Pepin Motley, MN

1962 Skyview Prototype
Adopted by: Bruce Neasmith, SDC Life Member No. 115, Sydney, Australia

1933 Rockne Sedan

1933 Rockne
Adopted by: Randall and Lane Keller

1916 6-50 Doctor's Coupe
Adopted by: Tri-Spokes Chapter SDC

1962 Studebaker Sedan Prototype
Adopted by: Bill Panzica and Family

1963 Lark Daytona Convertible
Adopted by: Brian Thomas

1928 Erskine, AAC

1927 Erskine
Adopted by: Karel Staple Chapter SDC

1982 DJ-5L Dispatch Jeep
Postperson Robin Shane finally gets a new delivery van.


The Larkette
Adopted by: Mary Elen & Warren R. Shenk Family, Springville, Utah

1917 Army Ambulance

1917 Army Ambulance
Adopted by: Dave and Sharon Van De Wielle

1962 Notchback Prototype
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

2002 Hummer

2002 Hummer H2
Adopted by: Nick's Electric Granger, In. 574.532.0280

1929 President Seven Passenger Sedan

1929 President Seven Passenger Sedan
Adopted by: Ken and Joan Richmond
Traverse City, MI

1949 Champion

1949 Champion
Adopted by: Ralph L. Stewart

1920 Light Six Racing

1920 Light Six
Adopted by: Bryan Ogden

1963 Lark
Adopted by: Stu and Thelma Chapman

1917 Army Escort Wagon

1917 Army Escort Wagon
Adopted by: Matthew Furman in Memory of WWI Veterans

1947 M5 Pickup Truck
Adopted by: Gene Latham

Coupe Express

1937 Coupe Express
Adopted by: RJ Bonham & Assoc.


1958 Studebaker Scotsman
Adopted by: Gene, Rose, Alex Wilkeson

1918 Special 6

1918 Special Six
Adopted by: Studebaker Drivers Club - San Diego County