President Grant's Landau
Adopted by: Kenneth Shanks

President Lincoln's Barouche
Adopted by: In Memory of Dan Weninger Doris and David Weninger

1893 Columbian Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones

1876 Centennial Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones

1933 Studebaker Special #34 Indianapolis 500 Race Car

Adopted by: Allan J. Yahne


1919 Big Six

1919 Big Six
Adopted by: Kenneth Edgar Shanks

1924 Light Six
Adopted by: Kent Haberle and Carol Moore

1947 Champion Deluxe Station Wagon
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

1932 President Convertible Roadster
Adopted by: Tri-State Chapter SDC

1957 Golden Hawk 400
Adopted by: Walt and Kristy Botich

1966 Cruiser
Adopted by: Hamilton Chapter SDC

1934 Bendix "SWC"
Adopted by: Susie and Edward Levy in Honor of the Vic Freeman & Eli Spicer

1938 Studebaker State Commander convertible sedan. The car is finished in Tulip Cream (a pale shade of yellow) and features cathedral headlines on the fenders. The car sits outside the Museum with the archives building behind it.

1938 Studebaker State Commander Convertible Sedan
Adopted by: Bill and Deb Panzica and Family

Fire Truck

1928 Fire Truck 
Adopted by: The Eck Family In Honor of Michiana First Responders and their Dispatchers

1964 Daytona Hardtop
Adopted by: Iowa Hawkeye Chapter SDC

1956 Packard Predictor

1956 Packard Predictor
Adopted by: Bill & Deb Panzica

The Bonnie Doon Special Midget racer is painted in Silver with a black stripe down the top of the hood. The number on the hood is 34.

Bonnie Doon Special Midget Race Car
Adopted by: Jacquelyn Yahne: Goshen, Indiana

Brooks Stevens owned and designed automobile. A black 1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk sits in front of the restored Studebaker factory building in downtown South Bend

1964 Gran Turismo Hawk
Adopted by: South Bend Chapter S.D.C.


1937 President Chassis and Body Drop
Adopted by: The Antique Studebaker Club

1927 President Limousine
Adopted by: John & Judy Farrell

1927 Commander

1927 Commander
Adopted by: Adam Soshnick

1954 Commander Starlight (Bob Bourke's Car)
Adopted by: Indy Chapter SDC

1920 Farm Wagon

1920 Farm Wagon
Adopted by: Sagebrush Chapter SDC

Conestoga Wagon

c. 1835 Conestoga Wagon
Adopted by: Donald L. and Diana E. Jones

1936 Ace Cab-Over Truck
Adopted by: Atlantic Canada Chapter

1958 Packard Hawk, AAC

1958 Packard Hawk
Adopted by: The Pasquale Family in Memory of Matthew J. Pasquale

1950 Champion Convertible
Adopted by: Indy Chapter SDC

1950 Commander Starlight Coupe
Adopted by: North Georgia Chapter SDC in Memory of Cindy Lampman & David Stoue

1964 Pursuit Marshal
Adopted by: Heart of Ohio Chapter SDC

1956 Golden Hawk

1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk
Adopted by: Shane and Jessica Stopczynski

1957 Astral

1957 Astral
Adopted by: Kenneth Shanks

1963 Cab-Forward Truck Prototype
Adopted by: Studebaker Truck Farmers

1922 Children's Hearse
Adopted by: Crossroad Casket Cruisers Hearse Club

1963 Avanti #9

1963 Avanti #9
Adopted by: Chicagoland Avanti Owners Association

1963 Avanti
Adopted by: Avanti Club of Florida

1949 2r5 pickup

1949 2R5 Pickup Truck
Adopted by: Clark and Laurie Plymale in memory of Charles and Rachel Plymale

1917 Series 18 Touring Car
Adopted by: Southern California ASC

1909 Backward Forward

1909 Backward-Forward Car "Peg"
Adopted by: Ohio Region Studebaker Drivers Club

2020 Calendar

1949 Champion
Adopted by: In loving memory of Thomas & Marjorie Wilkinson from son, Michael

1952 Commander Starliner Hardtop
Adopted by: In Memory of Faye Pepin by Verde Pepin Motley, MN

1963 "Ron Hall" Avanti
Adopted by: Alecia Minenko


2002 Hummer

2002 Hummer H2
Adopted by: Jim Bella
AM General-retired Quality Auditor of this 1 of 5 Pre-production H2 vehicle while being built and Test Driver after coming off the Assembly Line at Mishawaka, IN Hummer H2 Plant

1911 17K Electric Enclosed Coupe. The car is black with blue spokes on its wheels.

1911 17K Electric Enclosed Coupe
Adopted by: Kalamazoo Electric Vehicle Association SW Michigan Chapter of the EAA

1932 Studebaker Six

1932 Studebaker Six
Adopted by: Mary Elen & Warren R. Shenk - Springville, Utah

An image of the 1959 Rear Engine Lark Experimental model. The trunk is open to reveal the engine in this compartment instead of it's usual location.

1959 Lark Rear-Engine Prototype 
Adopted by: Mary Elen & Warren R. Shenk of Speedway, Indiana

1917 Studebaker Army Ambulance
Adopted by: Ohio Region Studebaker Drivers Club

1913 E6 Touring Car
Adopted by: Larry and Kerri Staszak Green Bay Wisconsin

1907 22A Runabout Electric
Adopted by: Andrew Pieper

1919 Studebaker Big Six

1919 Studebaker Big Six
Adopted by: Studebakers of Southern Oregon


1963 Zip Van
Adopted by: South Georgia Chapter SDC

1920 Light Six
Adopted in Honor of Bob Palma

1961 Champ
Adopted by: John and Marilyn Kircher

1857 Studebaker Phaeton
Adopted by: Donna Chenoweth

1962 Fastback Prototype
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

1905 Sleigh
Adopted by: Josh Aerie and Melissa Berke

1919 Izzer Buggy
Adopted by: Western Lake Erie Chapter

1900 Bobsled
Adopted by: Nick's Electric Granger, In. 574.532.0280

1961 Hawk
Adopted in Loving Memory of Grandpa Ron Hickman 1940-2017


1943 Weasel
Adopted by: Big Six River Bend Chapter

1956 President Classic
Adopted by: Terry & Rebecca Grube

1913 Model 25 Touring
Adopted by: Western Lake Erie Chapter

1950 Champion Convertible
Adopted by: Jim King

1925 Big Six Duplex Phaeton
Adopted by: Nyal & Pat Weaver

1992 M825

1982 M825 Jeep
Adopted by: Dale Chenoweth

1962 Lark Daytona

1962 Lark Daytona Hardtop
Adopted by: Brian C. Thomas, Renton, WA

1962 Skyview Prototype
Adopted by: Bruce Neasmith, SDC Life Member No. 115, Sydney, Australia

1933 Rockne Sedan

1933 Rockne
Adopted by: Randall and Lane Keller

1962 Sceptre Prototype
Adopted by: Charles and Susan Edmonson

Flight Hawk

1956 Flight Hawk
Adopted by: Ocean Bay Chapter of the SDC

1940 Champion
Adopted by: Robert and Marcia Ebert

1903 Spring Delivery Wagon
Adopted by: Studebaker National Foundation

1937 Dictator
Adopted by: John & Marilyn Kircher

 The Muppet Car (1951 Commander)
Adopted by: Heart of America Chapter SDC

1929 President Seven Passenger Sedan

1929 President Seven Passenger Sedan
Adopted by: Ken and Joan Richmond
Traverse City, MI

1939 Champion

1939 Champion
Adopted by: Nick's Electric Granger, In. 574.532.0280

1916 6-50 Doctor's Coupe
Adopted by: Tri-Spokes Chapter SDC

1918 Special 6 finished in black with an array of 5 American flags on the top of the radiator

1918 Special Six
Adopted by: Studebaker Drivers Club - San Diego County

1963 Lark Daytona Convertible
Adopted by: Brian Thomas


The Larkette
Adopted by: Mary Elen & Warren R. Shenk Family, Springville, Utah

1928 Erskine, AAC

1927 Erskine
Adopted by: Karel Staple Chapter SDC

1982 DJ-5L Dispatch Jeep
Stephen Lubliner

Coupe Express

1937 Coupe Express
Adopted by: RJ Bonham & Assoc.

1917 Army Escort Wagon

1917 Army Escort Wagon
Adopted by: Matthew Furman in Memory of WWI Veterans

1962 Notchback Prototype
Adopted by: Keystone Region Chapter SDC

1947 M5 Pickup Truck
Adopted by: Gene Latham

1963 Lark
Adopted by: Stu and Thelma Chapman

1912 Flanders

1912 Flanders
Adopted in Memory of Ed Filer 1929-2018 Studebaker dealer (Carl E. Filer Co.) Greenville, PA