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Stars of Transportation DVD

Studebaker Transtar is 34 minutes and in color & black/white.  Promotional footage of the 1..


Stude Commercials 1934-1958 DVD

Stude Commercials 1934-1958 is 53 minutes in color & black/white.  Features film and TV adv..


Stude Commercials 1959-1966 DVD

Studebaker commercials 1959-1966 is 51 minutes in color & black/white.  This DVD has TV adv..


Stude Goes Off The Highway DVD

"Studebaker Goes Off the Highway" is 59 minutes color & black/white.  1949-1950 promotional..


Stude Goes To War: Vol 1 DVD

"Answer to the Axis" is 42 minutes and is in color & black/white.  WWII efforts, includes W..


Stude Goes To War: Vol 2 DVD

"The Weasel" is 57 minutes in color & black/white.  This film has footage of development an..


Stude Goes To War: Vol 3 DVD

"More of the Weasel" is 45 minutes in color & black/white.  This film has footage of early ..


Stude Of Canada DVD

"Studebaker of Canada" is 26 minutes in color & black/white.  This 1964 promotional film is..


Stude Strike Of 1962 DVD

"Studebaker Reports" 29 minutes color & black/white. January 18, 1962 and Studebaker President S..


Stude-Packard Mid 50'S DVD

"The Mid-1950's" is 56 minutes in color & black/white.  Studebaker/Packard Corporation 1957..


Studebaker Closing DVD

"Separating Fact from Fiction" is 95 minutes in color.  Filmed on location at the Studebaker Na..


Studebaker Story 2005 DVD

"Studebaker Story" is 30 minutes in color & black/white.  Filmed on location at the opening..


Studebaker Today DVD

"Studebaker Today" is 47 minutes in color & black/white.  Corporate promotional film showin..


The 1964 Studebakers DVD

"Different By Design" is 34 minutes in color. Footage of Studebaker's October, 1963, Bonneville Salt..


The Big Change-1963 Stude DVD

"The Big Change" is 46 minutes and color & black/white.  This promotional film is an introd..