Pens and Pencils

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Blue Script Pen with Stylus

Sleek, lightweight Studebaker ink pen with stylus.Silver Script Logo. Black ink...


Floating 1950 Convertible Pen

A 1950 Champion convertible floats by the dealership. Cute,a practical conversion piece. You’ll have..


Floating Avanti Pen

America’s most advanced automobile, the Avanti, floats down a Palm Springs street. Pens come in asso..


Floating Truck Pen

R-series pickup floats down the road. A novelty you’ll want to share with your friends. Pens come in..


Red Ball Pencil

Wooden pencil featuring the signature Studebaker Red Ball logo...


Script Pen & Pencil Set

Stylish pen & pencil set featuring the Studebaker Script Logo.  Black ink..


South Bend Pencil

Navy pencil featuring gold "Experience South Bend"..