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When we reflect upon the history of Italian coachbuilding and design, it is impossible to ignore the..


Bendix Coffee- South Bend Blend

"Roasted like a Champion"....medium roast with a smooth & well balanced flavor.  Brasil San..


Blue Script Pen with Stylus

Sleek, lightweight Studebaker ink pen with stylus.Silver Script Logo. Black ink...


Bulletnose Birthday Card

Inside: “To the Classic Studebaker Driver, Enthusiast, Fan & Owner! Happy Birthday!”..


Floating 1950 Convertible Pen

A 1950 Champion convertible floats by the dealership. Cute,a practical conversion piece. You’ll have..


Floating Avanti Pen

America’s most advanced automobile, the Avanti, floats down a Palm Springs street. Pens come in asso..


Floating Truck Pen

R-series pickup floats down the road. A novelty you’ll want to share with your friends. Pens come in..


Ink Drawn Junior Wagon

Designed by local artist Kathleen Petitjean..


Ink Drawn Sleigh

Designed by local artist Kathleen Petitjean...


Pocket Work Light

Pocket Work Light is the essential handyman light. You can’t be a handyman/woman if your hands aren’..


Red Ball Coin Holder

Rubber Studebaker coin holder featuring the Red Ball Logo...


Red Ball Lanyard

This red silk lanyard features the Studebaker Script logo as well as the Red Ball logo. Perfect for ..


Script Patch - Silver

Adorn your denim shirts, jackets, or bags with this patch. It is 5” in size. Start your Studebaker p..


Script Pilsner Glass

Sleek Studebaker Script 16 oz Pilsner glass...