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1962 Studebaker DVD

"Step Up With Studebaker" is 26 minutes in color & black/white. This is a 1962 promotional film ..


39-40 Stude Champion DVD

1939-1940 Studebaker Champion is 47 minutes and in black/white. A fictionalized story of the 1939 Ch..


Avanti Promotional DVD

The Avanti Promotional DVD is 59 minutes long and in color.  Bonneville Record Breaker, 1962 Re..


Birth Of The Avanti DVD

Birth of the Avanti is a 1963, on location film with Raymond Loewy and one of the greatest cars of t..


Golden Era DVD

Studebaker's Golden Era is 41 minutes in black & white.  4 promotional segments on this DVD..


Indy Motor Speedway DVD

Studebaker at the Indianapolis Speedway is 29 minutes and in black & white.  The "Official ..


Lincoln Highway DVD

The Lincoln Highway Story tells the history of how this famous highway originated. Th..


Model X: The Lark DVD

Model X: The Lark is 40 minutes in color & black/white.  "The Studebaker Lark" is a 1959 pr..


Packard Volume 1 DVD

Packard Volume 1: "The Watchdogs"  is 26 minutes in color & black/white.  This DVD tak..


Packard Volume 2 DVD

Packard:  Volume 2 is 29 minutes in color & black/white.  This is a promotional film f..


Packard Volume 3 DVD

"Men Bet Their Lives on It" is 30 minutes in color & black/white.  This is an official Pack..


Packard Volume 4 DVD

Packard:  Volume 4 is 32 minutes and is in color & black/white.  A 1955 promo film for..


Return To South Bend DVD

"Return To South Bend" is 25 minutes and in color.  The Studebaker Hunt Special #37 qualified f..


Stars of Transportation DVD

Studebaker Transtar is 34 minutes and in color & black/white.  Promotional footage of the 1..


Stude Commercials 1934-1958 DVD

Stude Commercials 1934-1958 is 53 minutes in color & black/white.  Features film and TV adv..


Stude Commercials 1959-1966 DVD

Studebaker commercials 1959-1966 is 51 minutes in color & black/white.  This DVD has TV adv..