Studebaker: The Complete History

Studebaker:  The Complete History

This book written by Patrick Foster describes the Studebaker history. Inside "Studebaker: The Complete History", you'll find a meticulously crafted history of the early automobile. Studebaker began business as a builder of covered wagons. By 1921, they were the number four automaker in the nation. By 1932, they were nearly bankrupt.  For Studebaker, one of the most remarkable stories in American automotive history, that was only the beginning. Studebaker: America's Most Successful Independent Automaker tells the full and fabulously colorful history of this icon of the American automotive scene. 

Hardcover, 192 pages and approx. 210 color photos, published by Crestline books.  This book makes a great gift for any Studebaker enthusiast.

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