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St. Joe County Interim Report

An Interim report of the Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory of St Joseph County. 150 pa..


Studebaker 1946-1958 Studebaker Photo Archive

A book of archive photos of Studebaker cars from the year 1946 to 1958. Inlcudes the Champion, Comma..


Studebaker and Burlingame: End of an Automotive Legacy

This book examines the last three years of the production of automobiles by the Studebaker Corporati..


Studebaker Avanti Monograph

A detailed production analysis of the Studebaker Avanti. 51 pages..


Studebaker Avanti Operation Airlift May 1962

In May of 1962 the new Avanti prestige car was ready to roll, but the question was - how to get them..


Studebaker Lark Photo Archive

By Ed Reynolds, at last there is a book covering the eight years of Lark production. Over 120 photos..


Studebaker Less Than They Promised

The illustrated story of Studebaker Corporation's legacy, from the early days through it's shut down..


Studebaker Professional Cars

This fascinating book delves into the history of over 100 years of the finest vehicles made for spec..


Studebaker Trucks: 1927-1940 Photo Archive

In the period 1927 though 1940, Studebaker built light delivery vehicles, built on passenger car cha..


Studebaker Trucks: 1941-1964 Photo Archive

From it’s earliest days as a wagon builder, Studebaker manufactured commercial vehicles. In the peri..


Studebaker's 1962-64 Gran Turismo Hawk

This is another well-researched book by the author of Studebaker's Hidden Treasure.  Subtitled ..


Studebaker's Hidden Treasure

This limited edition book on Studebaker's fabulous Golden Hawk is written by long-time enthusiast an..


Studebaker's Last Dance: Avanti

Studebaker’s Last Dance looks at how America’s oldest automobile manufacturer came to build “America..


Super Studebakers Monograph

An informational guide to the 1963-1964 Avanti powered Hawks and Larks. 36 pages..


The Lincoln Highway Across Indiana

The Lincoln Highway across Indiana explores Indiana’s unique role in Lincoln Highway history and cel..


The Official 12-Volt Conversion Guide

A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about upgrading a 6-volt electrical system to 12..