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1965 Reprinted Body & Chassis Manual

308 pages.  Chassis Parts Manuals give exploded views of the various parts of the car with..


1965-66 Studebaker Monograph

An Informational guide to 1965-1966 Studebakers.  51 pages..


1965-66 Supplement To 59-64 Shop

Supplement for 1959-64 Shop Manual. These manuals are reprints of original Studebaker publications a..


2020 Museum Calendar

Celebrate the legacy of Studebaker with our 2020 Calendar featuring original photography&n..


Ab & Marvin Jenkins

Ab Jenkins drove for Studebaker in speedway and road races during the late 1920's and early 30's, th..


Abraham Lincoln Book

Lincoln expert and scholar, Harold Holzer, lends a unique introduction to this book featuring more t..


Along the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Rail Line

Starting in 1901 as a three-mile-long trolley line in East Chicago, Indiana, the Chicago South Shore..


AM General Photo Archive

While AM General is almost totally unknown, it makes some of the most recognizable vehicles in the w..


Auto Facts & Fun Book

Some of the inside stories cover: the first automobiles made, the first roads and the following gene..


Avanti Chassis and Body Parts Manual

Chassis Parts Manuals give exploded views of the various parts of the car with corresponding part nu..


Avanti Shop Manual

400 pages. These manuals are reprints of original Studebaker publications and contain much usef..


Avanti: Studebaker And Beyond

The Avanti has been produced for nearly 45 years in various incarnations. Factory photographs and ot..


Better Homes of South Bend

In 1950, a group of African American workers at the Studebaker factory in South Bend met in secret. ..


Champion of the Lark

A career engineer at Studebaker, Harold E. Churchill became president of the recently merged Studeba..


City Of South Bend Historic Sites Book

An interim report of the Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory of South Bend. 308 pages..


Damsels in Design

A first of its kind! This book features information and insight into the world of women pioneers in ..