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2020 Museum Calendar -89%

2020 Museum Calendar

Celebrate the legacy of Studebaker with our 2020 Calendar featuring original photography&n..

$17.99 $2.00

2021 Museum Calendar -72%

2021 Museum Calendar

Celebrate the legacy of Studebaker with our 2021 Calendar featuring original photogra..

$17.99 $5.00

2022 Museum Calendar

Celebrate the legacy of Studebaker with our 2022 Calendar featuring original photography&n..


Abraham Lincoln Book

Lincoln expert and scholar, Harold Holzer, lends a unique introduction to this book featuring more t..


American Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles of World War I

This book provides the histories of 225 companies that manufactured cars, trucks, or motorcycles for..


American Military Vehicles of World War I

This book both describes the development and use of a wide range of specialized motor vehicles durin..


Ford Model T: Coast to Coast

When driverless cars are the norm, what will that mean to the great American road trip? Will the car..


Forgotten Tales of Indiana

This book written by Kevin McQueen recalls a time when skunk farms, which allegedly produced a ..


Ghost Towns of Route 66

The quintessential Boom-and-Bust Highway of the American West, Route 66 once hosted a thriving array..


Great Grilles of the '50s

The 1950's was a "golden era" for Detroit, reflecting the endless optimism and futuristic view in Am..


Guide To Gas & Oil For Old Cars

Randy Rundle has been preparing antique vehicles for what is now the Hemmings Great Race since 1989...


Illustrated Dictionary of Automobile Body Styles

This book defines all distinct body types since the early days of the automobile. Entries, including..


Indiana Originals

Subtitled: Hoosier Heroes & Heroines, this fun and interesting read tells the stories of forty o..


Indiana's Covered Bridges

Once, Indiana ranked third in the nation in the number of 19th and 20th century covered bridges stan..


Indiana's Lost Speedways and Legendary Drivers

This book seeks to honor the famous and not-so-famous Indiana-born drivers who thrilled fans at the ..


Lost Car Companies of Detroit

Colorful stories of many of the over two hundred car companies that tried their luck in Detroit, but..