Studebaker History

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Subtitled: Raymond Loewy and Image-making in the Age of American Industrial DesignRaymond Loewy revo..


Studebaker and Burlingame: End of an Automotive Legacy

This book examines the last three years of the production of automobiles by the Studebaker Corporati..


Studebaker Avanti Operation Airlift May 1962

In May of 1962 the new Avanti prestige car was ready to roll, but the question was - how to get them..


Studebaker US6

This is the untold story of the Studebaker 2-1/2 ton military truck.  Few but the most diehard ..


Studebaker's 1962-64 Gran Turismo Hawk

This is another well-researched book by the author of Studebaker's Hidden Treasure.  Subtitled ..


Studebaker's Finest

A history and restoration guide for the 1953-1954 Studebaker Sports Coupe. 341 Pages. ..


Studebaker's Last Dance: Avanti

Studebaker’s Last Dance looks at how America’s oldest automobile manufacturer came to build “America..