Studebaker History

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Ab & Marvin Jenkins

Ab Jenkins drove for Studebaker in speedway and road races during the late 1920's and early 30's, th..


Avanti: Studebaker And Beyond

The Avanti has been produced for nearly 45 years in various incarnations. Factory photographs and ot..


Avanti: The Complete Story

Designed by Raymond Loewy, one of America’s premier industrial designers, the Avanti has achieved a ..


Champion of the Lark

A career engineer at Studebaker, Harold E. Churchill became president of the recently merged Studeba..


Indiana Cars: History Book

Indiana once had more automobile manufacturers than Detroit. Movie stars and kings also once clamore..


Industrial Strength Design

Designer Brooks Stevens created thousands of ingenious and beautiful designs for industrial and hous..


More Than They Promised

Written by Thomas E. Bonsall , this lavishly illustrated book on the famous automobile manufacturer ..


My Father The Car

My Father The Car:  Memoirs of my life with Studebaker features rare memorabilia and photos fro..


Over a Century on Wheels

This commemorative book highlights the Studebaker’s rich history on wheels. The book explores the co..


Raymond Loewy Book

This book was first published in 1951 at the height of Loewy’s career. His company, Raymond Loewy As..


Studebaker 1946-1966 Ultimate Portfolio

A portfolio of over seventy articles tracing the ups and down of the last twenty years of Studebaker..


Studebaker and Burlingame: End of an Automotive Legacy

This book examines the last three years of the production of automobiles by the Studebaker Corporati..


Studebaker Less Than They Promised

The illustrated story of Studebaker Corporation's legacy, from the early days through it's shut down..


Studebaker's Finest

A history and restoration guide for the 1953-1954 Studebaker Sports Coupe. 341 Pages. ..


Studebaker's Last Dance: Avanti

Studebaker’s Last Dance looks at how America’s oldest automobile manufacturer came to build “America..


Studebaker: The Complete History

This book written by Patrick Foster describes the Studebaker history. Inside "Studebaker: The Comple..