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1863 Hearse

Studebaker produced hearses in both its horse-drawn and automobile eras. This hearse belonged to the..


1876 Centennial Wagon

The Centennial Wagon was constructed specifically for the United States Centennial Exposition in Ph..


1904 Model C

This vehicle is the oldest gasoline-powered Studebaker in existence.  It bears serial number C-..


1905 Studebaker Sleigh

• This Sleigh was sold at the Studebaker Repository on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. • Adv..


1908 Extension Front Wagon

• This wagon was a closed-top luxury vehicle - not a family vehicle - like a modern station wagon a..


1909 Backward-Forward Car "Peg"

• One of two electric vehicles purchased by the United States Government to transport passengers un..


1910 Packard Model 18

• Packard automobiles were America’s preeminant luxury cars during this era. • From the original St..


1917 Special Six

• The Special Six was positioned just below the Big Six in Studebaker’s model line-up. • It remaine..


1917 Studebaker Big Six

• The Big Six was Studebaker’s top-of-the-line model in 1917. • This Big Six is the Touring Car bod..


1920 Light Six

This record-setting Light Six was prepared by San Francisco’s Chester N. Weaver dealership.  I..


1927 Commander

In 1927, David Abbot “Ab” Jenkins drove this Commander Sedan from New York City to San Francisco in..


1931 Studebaker Six Roadster

• The Studebaker Six was the company’s entry-level model in 1931. • This roadster is exactingly res..


1932 President St. Regis Brougham

• All 1932 Studebaker Presidents are accredited as Full Classics® by the Classic Car Club of Americ..


1958 Scotsman

The Scotsman debuted in mid-1957 as Studebaker’s entry-level model.• Intended strictly as “basic tr..


1992 M825

• This is the last Army Jeep produced by the AM General Corporation. • The Jeep’s appearance had re..


2002 Hummer H2

• This was the fifth H2 produced at AM General’s Mishawaka, Indiana, plant. • It is one of several ..