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1953 Champion Starliner

The 1953 Starliner is considered by many Studebaker’s design masterpiece. The Starliner’s design was..


1957 Astral

-Powered by atomic power-Alternative power via ionic beams emanating from a higher source -B..


Eisenhower's Pony Cart

Studebaker offered several different models of pony and goat carts. This cart was owned by Dwight Ei..


President Grant's Landau

President Grant used this Landau during his term in office from 1873 to 1877. Made by Brewster and C..


President Harrison's Brougham

The Studebaker brothers strongly supported Benjamin Harrison’s presidential campaign. Once elected,..


President McKinley's Phaeton

This Phaeton was used by President McKinley at his summer home in Canton, Ohio.  Following McKi..