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1900 Roof-Seat Break

Used as a sightseeing vehicleCommonly known as a “sharrybangs”Sometime used for hunting parties..


1904 Model C

This vehicle is the oldest gasoline-powered Studebaker in existence.It bears serial number C-242. &n..


1908 Extension Front Wagon

This wagon was a closed-top luxury vehicle - not a family vehicle - like a modern station wagon aut..


1910 Dump Wagon

This is just one example of the many kinds of commercial wagons made by Studebaker..


1910 Packard Model 18

Packard automobiles were America’s preeminent luxury cars during this era.From the original Studebak..


1910 Turkish Army Wagon

This wagon comes equipped with an Oliver made pick-axe.This wagon is quite small which makes it well..


1912 Flanders 20

The Flanders 20 was the price leader in Studebaker’s 1912 automobile line.It features a rear-mounted..


1913 E6 Touring Car

Studebaker’s 1913 models include both four and six cylinder automobiles. All 1913 Studeba..


1919 Studebaker Big Six

The Big Six was Studebaker’s top-of-the-line model in 1919.This Big Six is the Touring Car body styl..


1934 President

Studebaker’s 1934 President line offered exceptional value with modern streamlined styling and a pl..


1939 Champion

Studebaker’s Champion was all new for 1939 and marked the company’s first successful entry into the..


1953 Champion Starliner

The 1953 Starliner is considered by many Studebaker’s design masterpiece.The Starliner’s design was ..


Eisenhower's Pony Cart

Studebaker offered several different models of pony and goat carts.This cart was owned by Dwight Eis..


President Harrison's Brougham

The Studebaker brothers strongly supported Benjamin Harrison’s presidential campaign.Once elected, ..


President McKinley's Phaeton

This Phaeton was used by President McKinley at his summer home in Canton, Ohio.Following McKinley’s ..