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1876 Centennial Wagon

The Centennial Wagon was constructed specifically for the United States Centennial Exposition in Ph..


1904 Model C

This vehicle is the oldest gasoline-powered Studebaker in existence.  It bears serial number C-..


1908 Extension Front Wagon

This wagon was a closed-top luxury vehicle - not a family vehicle - like a modern station wagon aut..


1910 Dump Wagon

This is just one example of the many kinds of commercial wagons made by Studebaker..


1910 Packard Model 18

Packard automobiles were America’s preeminent luxury cars during this era. From the original Studeba..


1916 Roadster

Studebaker’s 1916 offerings featured both four and six-cylinder models.  The Roadster was Stud..


1917 Army Escort Wagon

Studebaker made 8,000 Escort Wagons for the USA during World War I. Wagons such as these saw use..


1918 Special Six

The Special Six was positioned just below the Big Six in Studebaker’s model line-up. It remained in ..


1919 Big Six

This Big Six was purchased new in Ventura, California in 1918 by Mr. Norman.  Over the next two..


1919 Studebaker Big Six

The Big Six was Studebaker’s top-of-the-line model in 1919. This Big Six is the Touring Car body sty..


1927 Commander

In 1927, David Abbot “Ab” Jenkins drove this Commander Sedan from New York City to San Francisco in..


1928 Studebaker Fire Truck

• This fire truck was purchased new by the St. Joseph, Michigan, Fire Department. • Studebaker supp..


1949 2R5 Pickup Truck

• Studebaker’s 2R-Series truck line was introduced for 1949. • It was conceived by Studebaker desig..


1953 Champion Starliner

The 1953 Starliner is considered by many Studebaker’s design masterpiece. The Starliner’s design was..


1957 Astral

-Powered by atomic power-Alternative power via ionic beams emanating from a higher source -B..


Eisenhower's Pony Cart

Studebaker offered several different models of pony and goat carts. This cart was owned by Dwight Ei..