Birds of a Feather: Studebaker Hawks

Dec 2019 Birds of a Feather: Studebaker Hawks showcases Studebaker’s family sports car, which was produced for nine model years from 1956-1964 Studebaker’s Hawk line debuted in 1956 with much fanfare, as the Studebaker-Packard Corporation branded the new model as a “Family Sports Car” Just over 80,000 were built during its nine year run, and Read More →

Disco Decade Rides: Cars of the 1970s

Dec 2019 Presented October 2020 - May 2021 The Studebaker National Museum examines the decade of leisure suits, bell bottoms, and eight-tracks, in its newest exhibit Disco Decade Rides: Cars of the 1970s The 1970s produced some memorable automobiles  Automakers faced numerous challenges including a fuel embargo, safety and emissions regulations, Read More →

SOUTH BEND: Then and Now, Part III

Then and Now
Dec 2019 See never before exhibited images from the Studebaker National Museum Archives paired with current day shots to show the growth and development of South Bend over the last century Some sites have changed dramatically; others remain very much the same Photographs date from 1900 through the Read More →

About Facias: Studebaker Instrument Panels

Instrument Panels
Aug 2019 The motorcar driver has always needed information to know how the vehicle is performing at any given moment  The importance of instrument panels would make it one of the first components automakers took an artistic hand too  Instrument panels allowed the automaker to show individuality and craftsmanship in their vehicles  Such is true for Read More →

Reaching the Masses: Studebaker Companion Models

Aug 2019 “Companion” automobile brands were all the rage during the ‘20s and ‘30s as the industry rushed to debut new marques Studebaker also jumped on this bandwagon and fielded a pair of new brands, Erskine and later Rockne, as it attempted to penetrate the low-price field  The 1927 Erskine debuted to great fanfare, but proved uncompetitive in Read More →

Points of Sale: Studebaker Showrooms

Studebaker Showroom
Jan 2019 An automobile dealership showroom was often the first place that an eager public saw the latest models and trends  The dealer showroom and its aesthetics were a prominent component to selling cars  Dealers often created dramatic ways to show the vehicles that proved that their vehicles were better than the competition  Through this photo Read More →

Streamlined: Style in Motion

Bendix Streamlined
Nov 2018     Some of the greatest styling innovations took place during the hard times of the Great Depression  It was during this period that automotive stylists began experimenting with and producing aerodynamically formed motorcars  Whether or not they were scientifically tested, each creation brought about drastic changes in Read More →

Mascots: Art over Function

Studebaker Mascot Atalanta
Apr 2018 Although the radiator mascot has humble beginnings as a simple temperature gauge, time would prove the mascot to be an art-form unto itself Examples of unique Studebaker mascots of the pre-WWII era will be used to showcase the stories of their creation  In addition, examples will be included of mascots created by Studebaker’s competitors and Read More →

Ten Cars that Changed the World

Ten Cars that Changed the World Logo
Mar 2018 The invention of the automobile forever changed the world, but which specific automobiles most impacted culture, society, and the industry  Ten Cars that Changed the World is jointly curated with the Society of Automotive Historians and presents the stories behind the world’s most influential automobiles  Professionals from across the Read More →

Studebaker Relics

Dec 2017 Presented December 2017 - May 2018 This exhibition features remnants and icons from Studebaker’s South Bend plants and includes building cornerstones, identification logos from the Proving Ground and Engineering Building, and other architectural features on  Photos provide context as to the location of the objects Read More →