The 1st Source Bank Presidential Carriage Collection

Abraham Lincoln Barouche

The Studebaker National Museum is proud to house the world’s largest collection of U.S. Presidential Carriages. The collection features the Barouche that President Abraham Lincoln used the night of his assassination, President Grant’s Brewster Landau, President McKinley’s Studebaker Phaeton, and President Benjamin Harrison’s Studebaker Brougham.

The Original Collection

Main Gallery Shot

In 1966, the Studebaker Corporation gave its 33-vehicle collection to the City of South Bend.  This collection, which includes the Presidential carriages, and the Studebaker family’s Conestoga Wagon, formed the nucleus of the current Studebaker National Museum, and is referred to as the “Original Collection".

The Military Collection

Military Collection

Studebaker’s history of military production dates to 1857 when it filled an order from the U.S. Government for supply wagons to be used in the so-called “Mormon War.” From that conflict up through the Vietnam era, Studebaker proudly provided for our nation’s defense. In 1964, Studebaker transferred its government contracts to Kaiser-Jeep, which later became AM General. AM General remains a vital supplier of military vehicles and is a long-time supporter of the Studebaker National Museum.