Welcome to the Blog!

From time to time, the Museum needs more space for articles and content that doesn’t fit onto our social media pages or another part of our website.  Thus, we have created this blog!  Enjoy the articles we write, the links we share, and the content we ask you to contribute as well. We’ve also created a new social media account on TikTok and used the help of an agency to get more TikTok followers. For those who are interested, here’s the link to the place we recommend you to buy TikTok followers from: https://virall.com/buy-tiktok-followers/.

Our first series of posts will be the essays that were written to accompany our Ten Cars that Change the World exhibition.  Figures from throughout the automotive world were given one of the ten vehicles featured in the exhibition and told to write something about it.  The results ranged from memories about a particular automobile to essays detailing a particular place in history.  To see the exhibition in person, head to the Museum before February 3 when the exhibit closes to make way for another exciting exhibition at the Museum.

Questions?  Want to see a stories on a particular topic or have pressing questions about the Museum?  Email mtekolste@studebakermuseum.org with your ideas.