Help restore the Studebaker used in The Muppet Movie

Artist rendering of what the restored 1951 Studebaker Commander will look like -- just as it was in The Muppet Movie.

The Muppet Movie holds a special place in the hearts of millions and changed cinema forever as it brought the beloved Muppets to the big screen.  The Museum is the proud caretaker of the 1951 Studebaker which is one of the most iconic images from the movie.

We need your help to raise funds restore this amazing automobile to its former cinematic glory.  These funds will allow skilled restoration specialists to return the car to its as-seen-on-screen appearance in the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie.  Besides restoring its colorful paint job, the restoration specialists will work to restore the vehicle’s mechanical systems, so it is fully operable as well.

By restoring the car, we will not only be able to preserve a valuable piece of movie history, but also engage visitors in the complex mechanical systems and effects that often go into some of their favorite films.  The story of the car will appeal to young and old alike.  In addition, having a eye-catching operable vehicle will allow us to loan out the vehicle for other Museum exhibitions and car shows.

The Museum for many years has had a donation box next to the car and a fund set aside to aid in the restoration effort.  This fund sits at $9,000 and has a long ways to go to reach the amount needed to do this vehicle’s restoration justice.

By donating to this campaign, you will help preserve a piece of movie magic.  Donate what you can and follow us on social media for all of the updates along the way.