Canadian Made: Studebaker of Canada

Image of the Studebaker of Canada Plant. Banner above the car reads Studebaker Canada Builds Cars for the World

Many are surprised to learn that Studebaker produced automobiles in Canada over 44 years, which was one year longer than Studebakers were made in South Bend. Studebaker operated a plant in Walkerville, Ontario, from 1910-1936, and later in Hamilton, Ontario, from 1948-1966.

Studebaker rapidly expanded its automotive market share in the early 20th century after acquiring the Detroit-based E-M-F automobile company in 1910. E-M-F had a ready-made product and production
facilities , but lacked Studebaker’s vast sales network. Studebaker, in turn, had over a half century of name recognition and a world-wide dealer system.

Studebaker’s rapid growth was fueled in part by increased export sales.  By establishing a Canadian plant, Studebaker could export products from this factory duty-free to all territories within the British Empire as well as supplementing production from the company’s main plant in South Bend.

During its four decades of operation, Studebaker of Canada, Ltd., continuously operated at a profit. Its administration strove to provide a healthy working environment and build a quality automobile. Today,
Canada enjoys a large and active number of Studebaker owners due in no small part to the company’s long history there.


Canadian Made: Studebaker of Canada was on display at the Museum in 2016 This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.