A Trip Through the Studebaker Factory

“We at Studebaker are pleased to welcome you as our guest on this trip through our South Bend plants. We earnestly hope that you will enjoy your visit with us, and that it will give you some conception of the care and accuracy employed it the mass production of Studebaker products.”

The preceding statement is from a souvenir booklet given to people touring the Studebaker factory in 1950. Studebaker’s downtown plant was at its peak at this time. The 125-acre factory site employed just under 24,000 people and produced 343,166 automobiles that year.

This exhibit will show how the factory appeared during the early 1950s and the materials and methods Studebaker used to build its automobiles. All of the photographs are from the Studebaker National Museum Archives.

About this Series

A Trip Through The Studebaker Factory was on display at the Museum in 2012.  This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.