1961 Studebaker Hawk

New features for the 1961 Hawk included an optional four-speed transmission, bucket seats and a rear fender color accent stripe. 1961 was also the final year for the Hawk’s tail fins and five-window coupe body style.  The new four-speed transmission was a popular option, as 40% of all Hawks built were so equipped.

Number Built
Price When New
289 CU. IN. (4.7L) V8 225 3,929 $2,650.00

Gift of a Friend of the Museum

Did you know?
This Hawk is finished in Flamingo, a color initially exclusive to the Hawk and Lark convertibles. Later in the model year, it was extended to the entire line.


About this Series

Birds of a Feather: Studebaker Hawks was on display at the Museum in 2020.  This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.