1958 Studebaker Hawks

1958 Golden Hawk

Studebaker continued with the Golden and Silver Hawk models in 1958 and also added the upscale Packard Hawk that year. The Packard Hawk was based on the 1958 Golden Hawk and featured a distinctive hood and grille design inspired by period Italian sports cars. Like the discontinued ’57 Golden Hawk “400,” the Packard Hawk featured a full leather interior.

1958 was the final year for the Golden Hawk and Packard Hawk.

Model: Engine: HP: Body Style: Base Price: Production:
Packard Hawk 289 V81 275 Hardtop $3,995 588
Golden Hawk 289 V81 275 Hardtop $3,282 878
Silver Hawk (V8) 2592/289 V8 1803/2103 Both4 $2,352 4,905
Silver Hawk (6) 185 Six 101 Coupe $2,219 2,442
  1. Supercharged
  2. Export only
  3. Add 15 hp with four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust
  4. Hardtop body export only

About this Series

Birds of a Feather: Studebaker Hawks was on display at the Museum in 2020.  This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.