1941 Studebaker Coupe-Delivery

Studebaker offered the Coupe-Delivery version of the Champion beginning with that model’s 1939 debut. A small pickup box was substituted for the Champion’s trunk lid to create a quarter-ton pickup truck. Aside from the pickup box, the Coupe Delivery was identical to a Champion Coupe – no heavy-duty or “truck specific” equipment was used. Studebaker discontinued the Coupe-Delivery after the 1941 model year so as not to compete with the new M-Series line introduced that same year.





Number Built

South Bend 170 cu. In. (2.8 L) L-head inline 6 80 Unknown

Exhibited through the courtesy of Richard Quinn, Mokena, Illinois.

Did You Know…?

The Coupe-Delivery’s pickup box was made by South Bend’s Edwards Iron Works.

1941 Coupe-Delivery hood ornament. Stylized metal with a plastic bit of trim at the end.

About this Series

Keep on Truckin’: The American Pickup Truck was on display at the Museum from 2017-2018.  This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.