1937 Delage D8 Aérosport

Louis Delage founded his automobile company in France in 1905. The company was known for luxury automobiles and its eight-cylinder D8 models of the 1930s are considered its finest products. This D8’s Aérosport’s body was built by French coachbuilder, Letourneur et Marchand and its styling is credited to the founder’s son Marcel Letourneur.

The D8’s long 132-inch wheelbase offers a vast canvas for the streamline school’s design elements, such as the long, low hood, pillarless greenhouse, and sloping finned fast-back rear deck. The D8 Aérosport’s lack of bumpers further emphasizes its precise curvaceous lines.

A 1937 Delage sits in the Upper Floor Gallery. The car is finished in gold with a maroon accent running down the hood line onto the doors of the vehicle.  The headlights are inset between the fenders and the radiator shell.





France Inline Eight 4.7 Litre 120 Twelve

Exhibited courtesy of the Collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California

A close up of the Delage nameplate on the vehicle's radiator shell.


Delage’s front suspension utilizes a transverse leaf spring system similar to Studebaker’s “Planar” front suspension used from 1935-1949.

Photo Credit: Visit South Bend


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