1911 Ann Arbor Convertible Touring

In the early 1900s, hundreds of Midwest communities were home to startup automobile manufacturers and Ann Arbor, Michigan, was no exception.

The Huron River Manufacturing Co. of Ann Arbor believed that rural Americans needed a dual-purpose vehicle to transport the family to church on Sunday and bring products to market on Monday. The Ann Arbor Convertible Touring achieved this versatility through removable seating and a folding top. It is exhibited here with one of its two seats removed.

Origin Engine Horsepower Number Built
Ann Arbor 121 cu. in. (2.0L) L-head 4 20 Very Few

Exhibited through the courtesy of Arthur French, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Did You Know…?
The Ann Arbor Convertible Touring features a dual-chain driving axle.

About this Series

Keep on Truckin’: The American Pickup Truck was on display at the Museum from 2017-2018.  This series of articles comes for the displays from that exhibition.