Palm Springs: Designing the Avanti

This sketch was drawn in Palm Springs as the designers figured out what the Avanti would be. There are notes scrawled all around the car sketch with Raymond Loewy's signature in the corner.
Jan 31, 2022 To meet Studebaker’s deadline, Loewy and his design team set up shop in a rented bungalow in Palm Springs, California, not far from one of Loewy’s homes The team consisted of John Ebstein, a longtime Loewy lieutenant who served as the Avanti’s project coordinator, Bob Andrews another Loewy veteran whose resume included work on the 1948 Read More →

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Studebaker’s Last Dance: The Avanti

Studebaker's Last Dance: The Avanti
Jan 07, 2022 Sales were slow at Studebaker in early 1961 This was not an unfamiliar position as Studebaker had lost money each of the previous eight years except for one (1959) In an effort to right the ship, Studebaker’s board of directors brought in a new president on February 1, 1961, and was considering leaving the automobile business altogether if Read More →

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