1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow

Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow
Feb 17, 2021 The Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow show cars were a radical departure for the luxury brand well known for its conservative engineering and design philosophy The Silver Arrows were designed by P-A designer Phil Wright and feature Pierce’s signature fender mounted headlamps with an aggressively sloped V-shaped grille Design elements, such as the Read More →

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1934 Bendix (Steel Wheels Corp.)

Bendix Streamlined
Dec 03, 2020 The Bendix car was developed as a ‘car-of-the-future’ by Bendix engineers Victor Kliesrath and Alfred Ney and styled by William Ortwig, formerly of the Fisher Body Co Ortwig eliminated the customary running boards and moved the fuel and water filler caps under the hood to allow for unblemished body panels To protect Bendix’s automotive Read More →

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