1933 Rockne 10

1933 Rockne 10 finished in black and tan. The car sits in front of the ND Administration Building.
Mar 24, 2023 The Rockne was initially developed by freelance automotive engineers Roy Cole and Ralph Vail as a project for Willys-Overland When Willy’s declined the car, Cole approached Studebaker President Albert Erskine who bought the design and retained Cole and Vail as engineers The new car was built by the newly formed Studebaker subsidiary Rockne Read More →

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Reaching the Masses: Studebaker Companion Models

1927 Erskine 50 one of Studebaker's entry level cars. This was one of the Studebaker Companion Models as it was technically produced by the Erskine Motors Company not Studebaker.
Feb 24, 2023 Conventional wisdom of the late 1920s held that low-priced models could dilute the brand image of their higher-priced stablemates Studebaker, along with many other manufacturers, marketed its new low-priced offerings as separate and distinct brands termed companion models Studebaker sought to expand its traditional middle-priced product line Read More →

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