Meet John M. Studebaker

John Mohler Studebaker
Oct 07, 2020 John Mohler “JM” Studebaker was born October 10, 1833 in Adams County, Pennsylvania His family moved to Ashland, Ohio, when he was a small boy, and like his brothers Henry and Clement he learned the blacksmith and wagon making trades from his father He arrived in South Bend in the winter of 1852 and took work cutting wood, chopping up to Read More →

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Meet the Studebaker Sisters

Studebaker Sisters
Jun 25, 2020 The first Studebaker to permanently reside in northern Indiana was not Henry or Clement Studebaker but their eldest sister Sally (Sarah) Studebaker Welch (1822-1902) and her husband Phillip They arrived in the late 1840s and operated a toll road running south out of South Bend The Welches later moved to Goshen where they remained for the rest of Read More →

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